Our Mission Statement

Infusing leadership with compassion is the mission of Bnos Menachem.

This synthesis will make its students the visionaries of tomorrow, each dedicated to transforming her home, her community and her world into a place of perfection, G-dliness and good.

Bnos Menachem School is the unanimous choice for parents seeking a level of education above the ordinary.

The school for girls in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was established in 1999, by a small team of individuals who wanted better than the mediocre.

Their vision was to create a learning environment that promoted traditional and chassidic values through modern methods and technique. Bnos Menachem, literally the daughters of Menachem refers to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, who spoke with great emphasis on the urgency to educate young women, for ultimately they determine the course for the next generation.

The school is a tribute to the Rebbe’s leadership. Limited class size, attention to detail and enveloping concern for every individual, allow Bnos Menachem to champion each student to cultivate her talents and recognize her own potential.

Now in our 19th year, Bnos Menachem enjoys the reputation of the school that offers balanced Judaic studies and general studies curriculum, plus many avenues for discovery and promotion.

At the academic level, our teachers are regular participants in workshops to improve their professionalism and knowledge. They customize the lesson so all of the students can benefit. Concepts are woven into practical messages, via smart board, projector or video presentation, which means they are readily absorbed and retained. Principals meet often with teachers to review and enhance the lesson and method of delivery. Open communication with parents is welcomed and appreciated.

Bnos Menachem invests much time and energy into the details, which change this school from a brick place of learning to a warm learning environment. Every teacher looks to the welfare and well being of students and makes recommendations that will support the student as needed. Our in house mental health professional  is available daily to meet with any child of any age for any reason.  Students enjoy two meals a day, served with a variety of options to appeal to most preferences. Written work and art work is proudly displayed. We encourage students and parents to share their talents and professions in ways that can be incorporated into daily learning.

Bnos Menachem continues to see many positive results from our efforts and while we are proud to have come this far, we will increase our efforts to achieve more for the satisfaction of our children and their families.

Our Faculty and Staff

Rabbi Motty Gurary

Rabbi Yosef Simpson

Rabbi Zalman Wilhelm
ext 150

Rabbi Shmary Gurary
Director of Development
ext 400

Mr. Zev Feldman
Building Manager

Mrs. Detty Leverton
Office Administrator
ext 151

Mrs. Kraina Lepkivker
ext 149

Mrs. Esty Lieblich
Preschool Director, UPK
ext 110

Mrs. Shaindy Schapiro
Hebrew Elementary Principal
ext 105

Mrs. Zahava Slae
English Elementary Principal
ext 107

Mrs. Rivkie Stillerman
Elementary Assistant Principal
ext 114

Mrs. Rishe Majesky
The Miriam Grossman High School Hebrew Principal
ext 116

Mrs. Rivka Karnowsky
The Miriam Grossman High School English Principal
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Serving students from ages 2.4, to 5 years of age

Administrator: Mrs. Esty Lieblich

The Preschool staff recreate the lesson on the level of the child through costumes, song and hands on activities. Simplicity and genuine warmth flavored with a yiddishe and chassidishe taam make every lesson a reality.  The early years focus on awareness of our multi faceted world and the many brachos that we enjoy every day.  There is a sensational spirit in our classrooms, where exploration and discovery are partnered with the building blocks of Parsha, Middos, Yomim Tovim and Kriah as our youngsters begin to navigate the school years ahead.

Elementary-Junior High

Elementary School

Grades 1-5

Steered by Mrs. Zahava Slae who serves as Secular Studies Principal for grades 1-8 and by Mrs. Shaindy Schapiro, who serves as the Judaic Studies Principal. Mrs. Schapiro and Mrs. Slae, have combined 50 plus years of educational experience. They work together with a talented staff to guide our earliest readers and eager spellers through the building years of Chumash, Navi, and Yahadus, and Math, Science, English and History.  Gym, computers and art balance the program.  Bnos Menachem has two superb Bnos Chabad directors, Mrs. Nechama Dina Brenenson and Mrs. Rivkie Chesney, who are unmatched in creativity and thrill the students every month with themed assemblies tied to a well learned message to take with them.

Junior High School

Grades 6-8

The early teenage years are an especially sensitive time for maturing young ladies.  Bnos Menachem recognizes the different needs of our new generation and allows them their own space and identity.

Academically, they begin to delve into the subject matter, interfacing with Rashi and meforshim.  There is in-depth review of the lifestyles of our mentors and heroines, generating appreciation of our rich history.  They slowly absorb the intricate lessons of Tanya and Chassidus, shared with them through many traditional methods and modern media.

The secular program is built on the elementary years, strengthening their development in the areas of English, Science, Math and History.

The Miriam Grossman High School

Grades 9-12

Our high school Judaic Studies Principal is the widely acclaimed, Mrs. Rishe Majesky.  A part of Bnos Menachem since its inception, Mrs. Majesky has seen the ripple effect of the school on our community.  She is joined by Mrs. Rivka Karnowsky, who aptly directs the General Studies program.  Both have daily interaction with the students and regularly meet with students and staff to help them actualize their goals.  Their concern for every student is visible and impressionable.

The High School curriculum assesses the preliminary achievements of the student and encourages her to reach the next level of success.  Complacency has no welcome here.  There is tremendous focus on bolstering one’s knowledge with research and analysis, so the lesson is thorough and comprehensive.

Students pursue a regents diploma by completing a multi tiered syllabus. In addition to the choice academic curriculum, students engage in farbrengens and special events, art, computer instruction, exercise, gym, and the production, which is the annual masterpiece of the girls. Our graduates have been accepted at the finest seminaries and many students have returned to Bnos Menachem to join our teaching staff and share the appreciation of Torah learning with others.