Other giving options


Contributions to Bnos Menachem School for Girls will specifically support programs and the school scholarship fund. Please mail your check/money order to the address below: Bnos Menachem School for Girls 739 E New York Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11203-9808 If you are making an honorary or memorial gift by mail: Please include the family contact name and address (for memorials) or the individual’s name and address (for honorary gifts). Bnos Menachem will notify the family or individual of your thoughtfulness but will not reveal the amount of your gift.


Call (718) 493-1100 to make a donation by phone. A Bnos Menachem staff member will assist you with the process and answer any questions you may have about your contribution.


Please consider donating stocks/securities to Bnos Menachem School for Girls. Contact Rabbi Shmary Gurary by phone 718.493.1100 ext. 400 or by email at sgurary@bnosmenachem.org to learn more about this option of giving.