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Circle of Unity Melava Malka 5780

Bnos Menachem School recently held their 3rd annual Circle of Unity Melava Malka. Over 250 Bnos Menachem parents joined for an  evening of inspiration, unity, and commitment to their daughters’ education.   The emcee was Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein, parent of a Bnos...

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Bnos Menachem Praised for Inclusion

Chaim and Nechama Hershkowitz laud Bnos Menachem for including their daughter Mussia (who has spina bifida and hearing loss) in the Bnos Menachem Day Camp where she participated in a wide range of activities, made lots of friends and had a rewarding...

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5th Grade Memorizes Full Perek of Tanya!

Nothing was going to stop the 5th grade chayolim of Bnos Menachem, Crown Heights, to finish Perek Daled Tanya in less than a month! Yes, that's memorizing 71 lines of Tanya Baal Peh at an unprecedented speed for our school! How did it happen? In Iyar, the students of...

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