We Boruch Hashem had a wonderful, warm Melaveh Malkah in honor of the Alter Rebbe’s yartzeit, Chof Daled Teves.  Our event was themed after a poignant remark made by the Alter Rebbe shortly before his passing, that he will take care of those who HOLD ON to his “doorknob.” 

While exploring that theme, we enjoyed…

Falafel and ice cream

An icebreaker activity called Crack the Kliamke Code

Story Time

A fast-paced Zoom into the Keyhole Game

Hold On! Sand Art Craft

Musical Farbrengen with Shaina Mushka Eichenstein…

…and a message to take home:

Hold on to the Alter Rebbe’s kliamke, or doorknob, by acting like a Chossid should… and the Alter Rebbe will help you out!

"Lifelong lessons learned, in a fun and engaging way.  The trademark of Bnos Menachem!"