Gut Yom Tov!

As Rosh Hashana LaChassidus, our day taught us what a treasure we have: Toras HaChassidus!

Every girl becama a detective, after a reporter with The Chassidus News came to her classroom asking for help.  She had written an article on Chassidus for their Yud Tes Kislev Edition, had had her daughter paint pictures to accompany the article… but that morning, all the pictures got lost!  Oh no!  What’s a newspaper with no pictures?!

Luckily, our reporter decided to call ChassiDetectives, Inc.  Each girl put on her ChassiDetective Badge, grabbed her copy of the picture-less newspaper, and set out with her teacher.  They were off to solve the clues, find all 6 missing pictures, and stick them onto the right place in their newspaper!

At each Clue Station, the girls found a picture, learned of one of the things Chassidus is compared to, and opened the clue that would lead them further on the trail!

Our Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengen was beautiful, powerful… and way too short!  The girls enjoyed a wonderful performance by Morah Friedman’s 2nd grade, and a Farbrengen sing-along with our song books.  The energy was incredible…all were begging for a longer Farbrengen and did not want to leave!


לשנה טובה בלימוד החסידות ובדרכי החסידות תכתבו ותחתמו!

"Lifelong lessons learned, in a fun and engaging way.  The trademark of Bnos Menachem!"