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Vov Tishrei at Bnos Menachem

What pride and excitement filled the air at our Vov Tishrei Lunch Farbrengen, as we celebrated the special role as future Akeres HaBayis that we all share! We explored the 3 mitzvos of women that Rebbetzin Chana’s name is an acronym of, with our larger-than-life...

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Welcome Back To School!

Wow what an amazing start to another wonderful year at Bnos Menachem. After seeing our friends and meeting our new teachers, the girls had a super fun time coloring on the huge Welcome Coloring Board the had so many fun Jewish pictures. We can't...

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Chof Ches Nissan

What fun we had at our Chof Ches Nissan Program today, as we learned what a big job we have… to do all we can and bring Moshiach now! Did you know that there are certain actions that have unique power to hasten Moshiach’s arrival?  We got a handle on those with help...

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