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Chof Ches Nissan

What fun we had at our Chof Ches Nissan Program today, as we learned what a big job we have… to do all we can and bring Moshiach now! Did you know that there are certain actions that have unique power to hasten Moshiach’s arrival?  We got a handle on those with help...

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5th Grade Purim Mivtzoim

Before Purim, Morah Kramer's 5th Grade went on Mivtzoim. The girls won the trip as a prize for scoring the highest at the Zoom-In the Keyhole Game at our school Melaveh Malkah a few weeks ago. The girls had so much fun giving out shaloch manos and telling other Jews...

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Chof Bais Shevat

Chof Bais Shevat came alive at Bnos Menachem, with our hallway transformed into a fun learning hotspot called The Jewish Caring Museum.  The pop-up museum showcased a special Chof Bais Shevat Exhibit, The Art of Sensitivity, and left us all with important lessons for...

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