Student Life

It is never too soon to acquire the leadership qualities of kindness, tolerance, and teamwork. In classroom and playground, Bnos Menachem’s youngest students acquire these attributes while learning to love their source: our Jewish heritage, our Torah tradition.

Still, Bnos Menachem is hardly the traditional. From nursery through twelfth grade, it discards the traditional hallmarks of many schools: passive learning, rote memorization and unnecessary divisions between Jewish and secular studies or between the classroom and the world beyond its walls. Instead, it offers its students a multifaceted world where learning comes alive, a world where they can acquire confidence, competence and compassion,

At Bnos Menachem, every child is precious and priceless. Our students celebrate diversity in themselves and others, triumphing over the cruel notion that class members are divided into the lucky and the left out.

They take their cue from an administration and faculty that accommodate different learning styles and allow students to flourish in a flexible academic environment.

Still, one can’t build self-esteem in the absence of competence. Guided by caring teachers, our students draw on their strengths and undertake individualized assignments to sharpen skills needing improvement.

How refreshing, though, that the competence Bnos Menachem require of its students pale in comparison to the excellence they will demand of themselves.


Jewish Law
Jewish Lore
Jewish History
Jewish Liturgy
Jewish Philosophy

A strong complement of general studies, including a rich arts curriculum and a dynamic after-school program, will provide intellectual stimulation while fortifying our students understanding of – and love for – their Judaism.
Social Studies
Music, Art and Dance
Public Speaking
Home Economics
Physical Education

The result: a seamless weaving of spiritual and secular education, ensuring that our students will be fully equipped to lead lovingly in a modern world.

Despite its commitment to academic excellence, Bnos Menachem is not an isolated ivory tower. From preschool through high school, our students learn to cherish communal service and see themselves as uniquely talented Jewish activists.

They will for example:

  • tackle a math unit that, in conjunction with the Jewish laws of charity, equips them to execute a local fund raising project.
  • internalize the ethical lessons of Purim and Passover by inviting unaffiliated Jewish children to participate in Bnos Menachem’s Holiday observances.
  • celebrate their completion of the biblical narrative of Abraham and Sarah’s life by emulating them: visiting home-bound or elderly neighbors, as these two luminaries would do, were they here today.