Nothing was going to stop the 5th grade chayolim of Bnos Menachem, Crown Heights, to finish Perek Daled Tanya in less than a month! Yes, that’s memorizing 71 lines of Tanya Baal Peh at an unprecedented speed for our school!

How did it happen?

In Iyar, the students of Kita Hey of Bnos Menachem decided that before the year was up, they would learn Perek Daled Tanya Baal Peh. They had been reviewing Perakim Alef-Gimmel for a while and really wanted to advance.

They challenged themselves, and they delivered! Under the guidance of their devoted teacher, Morah Menucha Klyne, the girls dedicated themselves to diligently learning and reviewing Tanya for a few minutes a day, memorizing all 71 lines of Perek Daled in just over three weeks!

The girls celebrated with a grand siyum on Chof Ches Sivan, celebrating this incredible unprecedented achievement of a class learning an entire Perek Tanya Baal Peh so quickly.

At the siyum, the girls enjoyed delicious refreshments in their beautifully decorated classroom. One girl shared a summary of Perek Daled, another shared a beautiful explanation on the way Ahavah and Yira’h connect us to Hashem, and three girls presented a game to help practically apply everything they had learned to their lives.

The girls of Kita Hey worked incredibly hard, and Bezras Hashem, the Tanya they learned will stay with them and inspire them for life.

Bnos Menachem has also been recognized internationally as the a leading school amongst Tzivos Hashem schools world-wide. They reached Gold status with 102 lines average memorized per chayol, and were featured as an example for other school’s in the Hachayol Magazine this year.

Their secret to success?

Base Commander, Mrs. Blumi Mishulovin says: “In preschool, Morahs teach the first few lines of Perek Alef to the precious young soldiers. In elementary school, classes spend five minutes on Tanya every day before davening, alternating between learning new lines and reviewing earlier perokim. In junior high, the girls review their Tanya lines throughout the year, ending with a beautiful chinese auction. Our girls are proud of their Tanya Baal Peh accomplishments!”