Bnos Menachem School recently held their 3rd annual Circle of Unity Melava Malka. Over 250 Bnos Menachem parents joined for an  evening of inspiration, unity, and commitment to their daughters’ education.


The emcee was Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein, parent of a Bnos Menachem student and a Shliach from Pennsylvania. 


Addressing the crowd was Rabbi Naftoly Silberberg, parent of a recent Bnos Menachem graduate, a highly sought speaker and author on many Jewish topics. Rabbi Silberberg clearly and exquisitely spoke about how to educate our children according to Chassidus in our times.


Beautiful, background music played throughout the evening by the talented Yehuda Piamenta. 


It’s been twenty years since the opening of Bnos Menachem School. An impressive video highlighting the tremendous growth of Bnos Menachem over the past two decades was viewed and enjoyed.


A new initiative was introduced to build an additional building adjacent to the current property.  This will enable further growth and expansion of the school premises, and allow many amenities for students and staff. 


Bnos Menachem School strongly believes that education is a combined effort between the school faculty and the parent body. The celebration at the annual Melava Malka is to solidify and demonstrate this unity, and ultimately give our children the best education possible.