Over 350 Bnos Menachem parents braced the snowy weather and joined together for a lavish Melave Malka event in a beautiful show of support for their daughters’ school.

Rabbi Yosef Simpson welcomed the crowd and presented a new school initiative to promote better communication between the parents and the school.

Rabbi Zalman Glick served as the emcee for the evening and introduced the guest Speaker Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein, shliach from Pennsylvania and father of 2 students, to address the audience. He shared some heartwarming stories and emphasized his appreciation for Bnos Menachem, and how comfortable he is sending his daughters away from home, knowing they are in a true, nurturing chassidishe environment.

The event also featured beautiful music by Benshimon, and parents enjoyed a delightful video depicting a school day in Bnos Menachem, narrated by Mrs. Sara Chana Silverstein.

As the event came to a close, Rabbi Motty Gurary encouraged the assemblage to continue their efforts to share the tafkid with the school to raise our children in the right derech and thanked the administrative staff for their work.

Bnos Menachem believes that in order for chinuch to truly be effective, parents and schools need to work together in educating our children and students.