Bnos Menachem raised 500K!

Bnos Menachem is the school that cares. Our aim is to go Above and Beyond what any parent would
expect from a school.

We are continuing our goal from last year, by consistently reaching higher and going Above and Beyond
in all aspects of education. This applies to all aspects of education and includes our students, their
families and our staff and their needs.

Above and Beyond is the message from a school that is in its 20th year. Bnos Menachem is a jewel in the
crown of כאן צוה. There is a concerted effort by the leadership to continuously improve in both רוחניות
and גשמיות to introduce upgrades that allow every child to benefit. The small class sizes, creatively
enhanced curriculum, motivated teachers and responsive staff generate the positive results that all
parents hope for their children.

Raising $500,000 is absolutely necessary to allow Bnos Menachem to continue our work. The school offers
over 1 million dollars annually in scholarships. The standards we set are the framework for happier,
healthier, well balanced, confident students, who will ultimately bring much נחת to our Rebbe and our
entire community. 

Thank you for helping us reach our goal.
Thank you for your share in our accomplishments.